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Hotaling 4Yr California Apple Brandy
  • Hotaling 4Yr California Apple Brandy

    • Made with California apples, this limited edition brandy was aged for four to eight years in barrels that once held Old Potrero straight rye whiskey.  All of the apples for this 4 year-old came from Fritz Maytag's (founder of Anchor Brewing and Distilling) massive Spring Mountain Estate in Napa Valley. These hillside apple trees are ancient and of mixed varieties, yielding exceptionally intense apples. After distillation the brandy was aged in casks that formerly held Anchor's (now Hotaling's) Old Potrero Single Malt Rye Whiskey. The blend is actually a mix of 4-8 year old brandies and shows tremendous complexity, ranging from zippy, fresh, crisp apple flavors to baked apples, cinnamon spice, vanilla, candied nuts, and citrus zest.

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