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Hidalgo Vermut 'La Gitana' Vermouth

    Hidalgo Vermut 'La Gitana' Vermouth

    • Oloroso and PX sherry based vermouth from legendary sherry bodega.


      Vermut La Gitana is based on a recovered recipe used by the Hidalgo Family to make this legendary wine in the 19th and 20th century. Crafted from Oloroso Faraon and Pedro Ximenez Triana, both aged in casks that are over a hundred years old, for a period of 12 years in the solera system. Once both wines are blended, they are then infused with aromatic herbs for another 6 months.

      Mahogany in color with deep aromas of spices, citrus, and hints of cinnamon. Perfect balance of bitterness, sweetness, and acidity with pleasant botanical notes. Elegant and versatile, Vermut La Gitana is ideal as an aperitif and with desserts. Drink alone, on the rocks or in cocktails.

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