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Gusto Historico Tobala by Victor Ramos
  • Gusto Historico Tobala by Victor Ramos

    • Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico



      Within agave circles, the names Victor and Emmanuel Ramos hold significant prominence as 3rd and 4th generation distillers in Miahuatlán in Oaxaca. This father-and-son duo have essentially been involved in mezcal production since they were children and have worked on their current palenque for over 20 years. They typically work side by side, but there are some batches where one of them works alone on the final cuts and composition of the batches. This Tobala comes from Emmanuel's hands, using shorter fermentations and proper cleaning of the alembic stills between batch runs to produce a subtle, nuanced spirit. An incredibly floral and fruit-driven batch, this has notes of dried cherries, peach tea, hibiscus, and elderflower along with a light earthiness like douglas fir and pine resin. An endlessly good sipper.

      From a batch of 200L

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