Granja Nomada Espadin Mezcal
  • Granja Nomada Espadin Mezcal

    • Agave: Espadin

      San Carlos Yautepec and Tlacolula (NOM-0676X), Oaxaca, Mexico

      42% ABV


      Born of a union between Aracely del Carmen, whose family had been harvesting agave and selling wholesale to mezcal brands for four generations, and Gustavo Javier, whose family had distilled illicit mezcal while sourcing agave.  Their marriage in 2013 brought the two halves together and Granja Nomada was created.  Done in the traditional method of roasted underground, crushed with a tahona, and distilled twice on a wood-fired copper still.  Strawberry, red apple skin, and green pear with a touch of minerality.