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G4 Blanco Tequila
  • G4 Blanco Tequila


      El Pandillo Distillery (NOM-1579), Jesús María, Jalisco

      45% ABV


      By design this tequila has a very low methanol content of less than 150ppm. This is accomplished from the very start by hand selecting only the finest estate grown agaves, trimming close to eliminate the waxy green leaves and by not adding any additives to the water used to steam the agave, which most distilleries use to prevent corrosion. The steam is then applied from the top down, which no one does and from the bottom up as the rest do. This prevents overcooking the agave on the bottom of the horno and undercooking at the top. After crushing the agave with a device of the owner's design, rainwater is added to make the fermentation slow and consistant after which a double distillation occurs in a copper still. The entire process is as clean and green as is humanly possible. It shows in the final product. Highly recommended.

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