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Found North Peregrine First Flight
  • Found North Peregrine First Flight

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    • 76% Corn / 23% Rye / 1% Malted Barley

      20 year old rye aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks - 22 year old corn in new American oak - 23 year old corn in refill oak - 24 year old corn in ex-bourbon - 27 year old corn in Hungarian oak

      63.1% ABV / 126.2 Proof

      1,602 Bottles released


      Found North has done an amazing job of sourcing and blending ripe ol' casks of Canadian rye and corn whiskies.  This time they took it a step further.  After blending, the resulting whiskey was recasked it into French Limousin, American ex-Cognac and new American oak casks for a 5-month further maturation. After 5 months, the 7 best casks were reblended to create Peregrine.


      Nose: candied peaches, exotic wood spice, lavender, milk chocolate and ground cashews


      Palate: wintry freshness, followed almost immediately by a surging, fruity oiliness. The elegant mid palate thickens into a viscous combination of chocolate, orange and vanilla bean. As it spreads to the side palates, it transitions into cinnamon and herbaceous spice. The back of the palate erupts with sandalwood, lavender, shortbread and a touch of black pepper, barely hinting at its 126.2 proof. The momentary tannic warmth precedes a three stage finish. First comes a sweet gingerbread baking spice, followed by rich tonka bean and orange blossom water and finally, a lingering shortbread with mint leaf that echoes eternal.


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