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Found North Cask Strength Whisky Batch 009
  • Found North Cask Strength Whisky Batch 009

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      Age: 19-years

      Proof: 124.6 proof

      Mash bill: 91% Corn, 8% Rye, 1% Barley

      Blend Components: 19 yr Rye, Ruby Port, 19 yr Rye, Hungarian Oak, 19 yr Corn, used American Oak, 22 yr Corn, new American Oak, 23 yr Corn, new American Oak, 23 yr Corn, new American Oak, 23 yr Corn, used American Oak, 26 yr Corn, Hungarian Oak

      Key Component Cask: Ruby Port


      About the product: Batch 009 is our oldest Batch to date. While the cornerstone of this blend is a 19 year old rye aged in Ruby Port barrels, the crux of this whisky is the triplet of 23 year old corn components that form the foundation of the blend, two of which were aged in New American Oak and one in Bourbon barrels. We used two additional 19 year old whiskies, one corn and one rye, as well as a 22 year old corn and a 26 year old corn component to round out the rest of this 8-whisky tapestry.


      Batch 009 lands with a burst of berry fruit and a sweet baking spice counterpart. The landing dissolves into cinnamon and brown sugar while the fruit notes melt like muscadine grapes rolling thick viscous vanillin oils across the tongue. The dense raw maple notes seep into the side palate, dominating the entire midsection like treacle turned into languid molten lava moving implacably toward the finish. As the rich, viscous molasses note reaches the last section it transitions into a triad of wood spice, gentle mint tea and oak tannin, echoing endlessly, reverberating honey, citrus and nutmeg.

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