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Found North Batch 008: 18 YR Cask Strength Whisky
  • Found North Batch 008: 18 YR Cask Strength Whisky

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    • 87% Corn / 12% Rye / 1% Malted Barley

      18 year old rye whisky aged in a first-fill Madeira cask - 22 year corn whiskey in new barrel - 23 year corn whiskey in refilled ex-bourbon barrel - 26 year old corn whisky aged in Hungarian oak

      62.2% ABV / 124.4 Proof

      3,547 Bottles released


      Nose: ton of darker aged oak with slight must, honey graham cracker, light fruit but definitely a plum note, a hint of molasses, alcohol hits hard at first but dissipates somewhat throughout the pour. The longer this sits, some nice rye notes are revealed as well and the fruit notes intensify.

      Palate: dark fruit jam, tannic oak, brown sugar, middle eastern spices, hint of cinnamon. On the palate this dances on the tongue like pop rocks candy

      Finish: powerful and long, the tannic oak coats the tongue forever and is joined by the fruit. Lingering the longest is the mustiness from the nose. The finish is amazingly oily

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