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Field Recordings SHUCKS White Blend
  • Winery

    Field Recordings.


    50% Melon & 50% Pinot Blanc


    Chalone AVA, Monterey, CA

            Wine style       

    Oyster Wine



    Field Recordings SHUCKS White Blend Chalone 2023

    • Chalone Vineyard is the oldest bonded winery in Monterey and is the sole winery in the Chalone AVA.


      In the mountains above Soledad, at the base of the Pinnacles National Monument, lies the 50-year-old La Puesta block. At a time when varieties were mixed up, the Melon grapes were originally planted as “Pinot Blanc.” Gradually, the vines were replanted with true Pinot Blanc, and today, the actual vineyard mix is unknown. We get a random assortment, picked early in the season to ensure the freshest possible acidity. Aged on its lees until bottling for added richness and complexity while retaining that laser-sharp acidity. Grab your shucking knives.


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