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Fantome Light Spiritus Spring Project Saison
  •      Brewery

    Brasserie Fantôme


    Belgian Spring Saison


    Soy, Belgium







    Fantome Light Spiritus Spring Project Saison

    • Founded in 1988, Brasserie Fantôme has gained international attention and a cult following among lovers of craft beers. Owned and run by Dany Prignon, Fantôme is known for its unique variations on the Saison style of farmhouse ale, often involving the use of herbs, spices or fruit juice. Within the craft beer community, Fantome saisons are considered highly desirable and have developed a significant audience in the United States and United Kingdom. Ironically, while their complex, earthy, and herbal flavors have caused them to be sought out by connoisseurs outside of Belgium, Fantôme's products are difficult to find and not well known in the country of their origin.


      As per usual, we know very little about this beer... Dany doesn't give too much away. It's definitely some sort of saison with spices and maybe some candy sugar. We do know it's delicious, which is all that really matters.

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