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Entremanos Blanco Tequila
  • Entremanos Blanco Tequila

    • Hacienda de Oro (NOM 1522), Amatitan, Mexico



      Little over a year after launching in Mexico and Spain, Entremanos Tequila is bringing its winning formula to consumers in the United States. Like many distillers dedicated to the old-school craft of agave spirits, the brand focuses its efforts exclusively on a single blanco expression.


      “Entremanos is committed to making the best tequila possible. It is A trago lento — or a slow drink — designed to be sipped, not taken as a shot, to allow the richness of the spirit to enhance your enjoyment,” said Yan Monroy, CEO of Entremanos in a press release.


      Distilled at NOM 1522 — home to imprints like Quintaliza, Poncho y Cisco and Suave Tequila — the new confirmed additive-free blanco balances soft aromas of dried fruit and citrus with a palate chock full of caramelized agave.


      The brand has also committed itself to upholding social responsibility with a bottle, cork and decorative twine all produced from recycled materials. Furthermore, Entremanos has worked towards the founding of Cultivando Lazos A.C. (in English, Cultivating Bonds), a non-profit dedicated to fostering gender equality in the tequila industry.

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