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Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin
  • Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin

    • Following the success of Empress 1908 Gin and its iconic indigo-hued expression, Victoria Distillers has unveiled the next edition to its permanent lineup: Elderflower Rose Gin. First debuted exclusively in British Columbia this May, the gin is now officially for sale in the United States.

      “Inspired by our beautiful location in Victoria, British Columbia, Empress Elderflower Rose Gin pays homage to ‘The City of Gardens,’ where flowers blossom nearly year-round,” the distillery shared. “The fresh, floral botanicals create a delicate spirit with a distinctive all-natural rose hue, adding a touch of our home to your next cocktail creation.”

      Empress Elderflower Rose Gin’s natural ruby hue comes from red rose petals and black carrots. The color fades over time, accelerated by sunlight, but the flavor remains. Therefore, the distillery recommends enjoying it within a year of purchase and storing it in a cool, dark place to experience it at its best.


      Light bitterness ...earthiness...berry-like...mild sweetness...floral bouquet with blushes of lavender, violets, and hints of blue iris perfume.

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