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Empirical CAN 03 Canned Cocktail
  •      Producer



    Blended Wild Fermentations


    Copenhagen, Denmark





    12 fl oz



    Empirical CAN 03 Canned Cocktail

    • In Copenhagen, the street Refshalevej curves past the city’s most famous restaurants—Noma, Alchemist, and Amass—and takes you to the doors of Empirical Spirits. The distillery describes itself as a “flavor company,” making novel alcoholic magic by macerating fruit, herbs, and botanicals into booze outside traditional categories such as gin, rum, or vodka. This spring it delves into the fast-growing world of canned beverages. Its canned beverages are made from a vacuum-distilled spirit base of beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast—light enough for backyard grilling but rich enough for contemplative sipping.


      CAN 03 opens with citrusy front notes of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and Andaliman pepper. Carob, coffee chaff, and golden Yunnan tea provide a warming earthy depth with the fragrant coconut-like fig leaf rounding out this highly refreshing blend.

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