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Empirical CAN 02 Canned Cocktail
  •      Producer



    Blended Wild Fermentations


    Copenhagen, Denmark





    12 fl oz



    Empirical CAN 02 Canned Cocktail

    • In Copenhagen, the street Refshalevej curves past the city’s most famous restaurants—Noma, Alchemist, and Amass—and takes you to the doors of Empirical Spirits. The distillery describes itself as a “flavor company,” making novel alcoholic magic by macerating fruit, herbs, and botanicals into booze outside traditional categories such as gin, rum, or vodka. This spring it delves into the fast-growing world of canned beverages. Its canned beverages are made from a vacuum-distilled spirit base of beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast—light enough for backyard grilling but rich enough for contemplative sipping.


      Effervescent, enlivening, fruity... Walnut wood gives a sturdy depth to the notes of zesty sour cherry, aromatic black currant buds, and lemony maqaw pepper.

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