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El Sativo Anejo Tequila
  • El Sativo Anejo Tequila

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    • El Sativo takes a novel approach to making tequila.  They extract terpenes - aromatic compounds found in lots of organic material and most well known for giving flavor to 'vape juice' - just after harvest, distill the tequila, and then add the terpenes back into the finished tequila (terpenes can't be distilled).  In the blanco, it creates a sort of dry tropical dustiness.  Interesting and noticeable but subtle.  Here I think the process really shines.  Smokey tropical notes like banana, soft vanilla sweetness with big oak, a cigar smoker's dessert.  Some uncommon green notes like thyme and tomato leaf I chalk up to the terpenes.  It all adds up to a complex, toasty anejo.

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