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Denizen Merchant's Reserve 8yr Rum
  • Mai Tai

    2oz Denizen Merchant's Reserve 8yr Rum

    3/4oz lime juice

    1/2oz orgeat

    1/2oz Cointreau

    Shake and dirty dump

    Garnish with lime shell and mint sprig

    Denizen Merchant's Reserve 8yr Rum

    • Distilled in Jamaica and Martinique, blended in Amsterdam

      43% ABV



      There’s a lot of lore behind tiki drinks. Makes sense for a world purposely cloaked in mystery. But long has it been known that Wray & Nephew 17yr was the original Mai Tai rum. That ran dry almost 70 years ago, though a few bottles still kick around and it’s become known as the world’s most expensive rum. So, instead of paying $50k to make a Mai Tai, might I recommend Merchant Reserve. Made specifically for Mai Tai, it does a damn good job. Blend of Jamaican pot and Martinique column still rums, with plenty of hogo to go around, but doesn’t assail you. Bright and sassy and no more concocting blends at home in a quest for the perfect Mai Tai.

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