Curto Dolcetto D’Alba
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    Curto Marco




    Italy / Piemonte / Dolcetto d'Alba

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    Northern Italy Red



    Curto Dolcetto D’Alba

    • Nadia Curto and her father Marco farm only one small hillside vineyard, including a significant percentage of the famed Barolo cru Arborina. She is Elio Altare's in-law/niece and depending on the specific bottling, her style either resembles Elio's modernist precision and instant gratification (for the Barolo "Arborina" label), or the more antique, neutral botti character of her father, Marco's, wines (for the Barolo "La Foia" bottling, our personal favorite). But regardless of style and cellar technique, everything is full-on organic, native yeast ferment, and the wines are made in the small basement of Nadia’s house which sits right at the base of Arborina.

      Remarkably aromatic blue and red fruits. A distinctly elegant and weightless presence on the palate. A completely unique expression of Dolcetto in the La Morra terroir.