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Corrido Blanco Overproof Tequila
  • Corrido Blanco Overproof Tequila

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    • Destiladora de Los Altos (NOM 1412), Arandas, Mexico



      Tequila Corrido Blanco Overproof is an audacious and powerful expression of the classic Corrido Blanco. Carefully crafted for those who seek a more intense additive-free tequila experience, this overproof variant stands as a bold counterpart to its cherished sibling.


      On the first sip, I get a nice mouthful of green agave with traces of citrus and minerals. The white pepper and cooked agave sweetness kick in mid-palate and ride into the finish. On subsequent sips, I’m getting notes of lemongrass and jalapeños along with some enjoyable vegetal flavors. The alcohol proof provides a nice mouthfeel without coming off too strong or peppery. There is a nice peppery quality and the flavors linger. Overall this overproof is a fun sipper coming from Corridor’s master distiller, Ana María Romero and she’s done a great job once again!

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