Companion Savvy B
  • Winery

    Companion Wine Co.


    Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay 


    California / Arroyo Seco

    Wine style              

    Californian White Blend



    Companion Savvy B

    • One of our favorite natty cans to stash alongside snacks for adventures at the beach, the river, the park, on horseback, under the freeway, and pretty much any other outdoor recreational spots where no bottles should go (coozie optional). A full 375mL of wine (1/2 bottle) in each can to keep you happy and hydrated wherever your outdoor journeys take you. Savvy B is made by Lady of the Sunshine: winemaker and farmer Gina Hildebrand, who works with fruit from California's Central Coast, with as little intervention as possible.  As pretty and aromatic as it smells, it tastes even better – citrus and grapefruit that fades into passion fruit on the clean, crisp finish.