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Domaine Lagille Grande Reserve Champagne
  • Winery

    Domaine Lagille & Fils


    Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier


    France / Champagne / Treslon

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    Grower Champagne



    Domaine Lagille Grande Reserve Champagne

    • Maud and Vincent Lagille's certified organic, <7-hectare vineyard sits on the Treslon/Vrigny border, with all vines in walking distance of their small cellar. Egly-Ouriet's 1er Cru "Les Vignes" parcel is next door, and Lelarge-Pugeot just minutes eastward. The Lagille family have been winegrowers in this corner of Champagne since the 1600's, and the present-day cellar has been the family's HQ since 1818. In the last 4-5 years, this address has earned a glowing global reputation for producing shockingly deep, vinous, and remarkably complex wines. We all know what really expensive Champagne tastes like and this is it: Powerful, prismatic, infinitely lees aged aromatics with endless, echoing finishes - but Lagille's wines still somehow remain super detailed, delicate and drinkable. That paradox of brute and beauty is the Lagille "house style".


      Vincent Lagille will always consider him “ my father's cuvée ” and will remain a legacy of his vision of the 1970s. The grapes come from clay-calcareous soils of the Treslon terroir, specifically from the vineyards of Les Ricordaines, Le Mont-en-Peine, La Garenne and the wine was aged on bottled lees for 5 years. It is a typical cuvée of the most widespread Champagne grape, which combines structure and finesse. Domaine Lagille Grande Réserve it's a champagne straw yellow with golden highlights, open nose with fresh white fruit and citrus memories. Some notes of brioche, tea and peony. Fresh and energetic start; Quickly you will find the citrus touch that lengthens the start of the mouth, then the fruits come in large quantities with a refreshing finish.

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