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Cambio Blanco Tequila
  • Cambio Blanco Tequila

    • Inulina y Miel de Agave (NOM-1605), Capilla de Guadalupe, Jalisco



      New additive-free tequila from NOM-1605.  Cooked in hornos, high altitude agaves, tahona crushed, fermented with wine yeast in a mix of American oak and Mexican pine vats, aged in ex-French white wine barrels, and bottled at 92pf.  


      Nose: sweet cooked agave, spearmint, ripe fruit, earthy, artichoke, brine, citrus, lime peel, and roasted corn Flavor: cooked agave, spearmint, brine/salt, citrus, alcohol, mineral, white pepper, and oily mouth feel Finish: long, starts out sweet and moves to spicy then ends with slight bitterness

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