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Bottle Logic Flesh to Stone Peach Barleywine
  •      Brewery

    Bottle Logic Brewing


    Fruited Barleywine


    Anaheim, CA







    Bottle Logic Flesh to Stone Peach Barleywine

    • 2022 GABF Winner

      Gold - Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer


      "We've aged our FOBAB Gold Medal and Best of Show-winning Arcane Rituals English-style BarIeywine in a small collection of incredible Peach Brandy barrels for a delicate summery variant release! The rich brown sugary pie crust malt character of the base beer sings in these barrels -- we're pulling flavors of vanilla, leather, black tea, and ripe peach right from the wood and the residual spirit left in these extraordinary oak treasures."

      - Bottle Logic

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