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Blue Run Reflections I Bourbon
  • Blue Run Reflections I Bourbon

    • Distilled by the legend, Jim Rutledge, with fifty years in the biz, notably of renowned Four Roses fame, at Castle & Key and blended in a special room in the back of Bardstown Bourbon's warehouses.  What I find most impressive about Blue Run is how well they straddle traditional, classic flavor profiles and modern techniques.  No doubt, that's Jim's touch on the project.  As I sipped both the High Rye and Reflections bourbon, I was reminded of elements of Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and even Old Medley.  But it wasn't exactly any of those, somewhere in the middle.  

      Remarkable depth of flavor in a classic sense - peppermint, lemon, orange peel, and strawberry leather.  Reflections I is part of a series, but, to my knowledge, there isn't an expectation of a similar flavor profile from I to II or II to III.



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