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Bigallet China-China Amer
  • Picon Punch

    1oz Bigallet China-China Amer

    1/2oz Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac

    1 barspoon grenadine

    Build in glass, top with soda water, and garnish with lemon twist

    Bigallet China-China Amer

    • Amaro might be better well known than its French cousin, amer, but amer hits a bit closer to home.  Developed by a Frenchman in Algeria in 1837 as a malaria remedy and soon became a part of rations for the French army.  It grew in popularity and was brought over to America by Basque ranchers during the Gold Rush.  Now, Picon Punch, amer's most notable drink, is served from Boise to Bakersfield along the Basque Trail.  

      Amer, in general, is heavy on the orange and Bigallet China-China is no exception.  They use the whole orange, skin and fruit, to macerate and destill.  What results is a highly perfumed, rich, and citrusy digestif.

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