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Bernheim 7Yr Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

    Bernheim 7Yr Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

    • While there is an increasing number of wheated bourbons, there are far fewer wheat whiskeys in the market. Moreover, the Kentucky majors have given little attention to wheat whiskey, with Heaven Hill the notable exception considering 2014’s Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey, 2021’s Parker’s Heritage Collection Heavy Char Wheat Whiskey, and most notably the ongoing and readily available Bernheim Original. This makes Bernheim Original an interesting option and often the only wheat whiskey on liquor store shelves. Combined with the fact that Bernheim Original actually gained its 7 year age statement in 2014 when it underwent a label redesign, you have to take note of the unique attributes offered.


      To some extent however, the difference is not extreme. At 37% corn in the mashbill against bourbon’s required 51% minimum, Bernheim Original begins in the same realm as many bourbons. However, the soft touch of wheat is more pronounced, and with it some of the structure often attributed to rye is lost. This makes for a characteristically soft sipping experience, and also brings a hint of the astringency that I sometimes notice relating to an increased amount of wheat in a whiskey’s mashbill. All of this makes for a whiskey that will please bourbon drinkers, especially those who are looking for a soft, easy sip.

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