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Bardstown Origin Series Rye
  • Bardstown Origin Series Rye

    • Full of rich flavors, Bardstown Origin Series Rye puts its own spin on the classic 95/5 rye mashbill.

      For the first time since opening its facilities, Bardstown Bourbon Company finally has its own in-house distilled rye. To create their new rye, the company states that Origin Rye is finished in custom barrels consisting of alternating toasted American oak and toasted cherry wood staves.

      While 95/5 rye whiskeys are well known thanks to this being the same recipe that MGP uses, Bardstown puts their own spin on this grain combination. The sip starts with a sweet nose that has touches of grounded notes woven in. Moving into the midpoint, the palate is full of rich flavors, with figs and Bing cherries combining with various chocolate notes to form the highlight. Capping things off, the finish is the least dynamic part of the sip, yet still allows the sip to end things off well. This is a solid first in-house distilled rye for Bardstown. One that delivers a rich dynamic flavor profile and should please rye drinkers who go out of their way to track one down.

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