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Barbancourt White Rhum
  • Barbancourt Special

    1 1/2oz Barbancourt White Rum

    3/4oz gin

    3/4oz lime juice

    1/2oz grenadine

    Shake and strain into a coupe

    Garnish with basil leaf

    Barbancourt White Rhum

    • Port-au-Prince, Haiti

      43% ABV



      Barbancourt has been a solid rum producer for decades and have managed to change with the times. They do use fresh cane as if making an agricole style rum, but there’s not always enough harvest and/or labor and it’s supplemented with cane syrup and molasses. That’s not to take away from Barbancourt. In fact, I think it’s its strength. Instead of the intense vegetal notes that agricole can produce you get a really fresh sugarcane flavor with a richer mouthfeel than most white rums. While I’d recommend Denizen White in mojitos and Cuba Libres, Barbancourt is great with fruity drinks like daiquiri variations. Where I really fell in love with it was a drink on the menu called a Barbancourt Special.

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