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Ararat 5yr Armenian Brandy
  • Sidecar

    1 1/2oz ArArAt 5yr

    3/4oz lemon juice

    3/4oz Cointreau

    1 dash absinthe

    Shake and strain into a coupe

    Garnish with orange peel

    Ararat 5yr Armenian Brandy

    • Yerevan, Armenia

      40% ABV



      ArArAt, an Armenian brandy, is not very common in the US, but well-respected in other parts of the world, even being legally allowed to call itself cognac due to blind tasting in Paris in 1900 (now distinguished as ‘Armenian cognac’). Native Armenian and Georgian grape varietals and aging in Persian oak make for a more floral and less tannic final brandy. The five year gives up some dried fruit notes like plum, peach, and orange peel with a hint of bitter chocolate. Makes a superb Sidecar.

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