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Amaro Lucano Non-Alcoholic

    Amaro Lucano Non-Alcoholic

    • Amaro Lucano is one of the many delightful amari of Italy, and it continues to make inroads in the U.S. market, where it only recently returned for sale. Now, consumers who want the bracing flavor of Lucano without the booze have a new option: Amaro Lucano Non-Alcoholic.


      How’s it made? I’m not sure. The details are as murky as the recipe, which includes elderberry, myrtle, rosemary, citrus, and chamomile among its 30 or so ingredients.


      Whatever the process, the results are downright amazing. I would not have known this was a non-alcoholic spirit until I’d finished off the entire bottle — which, given how delightful it tastes, would be shockingly easy.


      Authentic notes of bitter gentian and anise lead off on the nose, though the absence of any nostril-flaring “heat” becomes noticeable after a time. On the palate, the liqueur’s pruny, dark cherry notes take hold, followed by dark chocolate. All of those herbs create a complex, spice-driven experience that is most evident as the finish builds, sparring with the sweeter vanilla and cola notes that linger. Notes of rhubarb and licorice linger on the tongue.


      As with any good amaro, this one’s hard to put down — but unlike those shots of Fernet, this one won’t slow you down the day after.

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