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Agua Del Sol Tobasiche
  • Agua Del Sol Tobasiche

    • Agave: Tobasiche (Karwinskii)

      San Baltazar Chichicapam, Oaxaca, Mexico

      45% ABV


      Berta Vasquez is justifiably known far and wide as one of the best mezcal makers out there. The fact that she’s a woman working in a man’s world – and if you think gender disparities are bad in general, the mezcal world is another thing entirely – and has managed to make a name for herself says quite a bit. Mezcalistas recently did a fascinating video tour with Berta and Felix Hernández Monterrosa which provides great background on this expression and the entire Agua del Sol project.

      I’m really happy to see that this is a tobasiche because it’s an agave that isn’t the easiest to work with and reveals the maker’s hand. Lalocura’s Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles produces one that it is equally unique as Celso Garcia Cruz so this expression from Berta Vasquez is fantastic in its own right and as an entry into one of the many fantasy horizontal tastings that we can indulge in while wiling away quarantine. She brings out an elemental contrast between the roast and the sugars in this very woody agave.

      This tobasiche was roasted underground, then crushed with a tahona, fermented in sabino tinas, twice distilled in copper alembics, before being adjusted with distilled well water.  Like walking through a verdant herb garden.  Lots of fresh, sweet green notes.

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