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Agua Del Sol Espadin Mezcal
  • Agua Del Sol Espadin Mezcal

    • Maguey: Esapdin (A. Angustifolia)

      Mage: Mtra. Reyna Rodriguez Ramirez

      Producing Community: San Carlos Yautepec, Oaxaca (~3000ft)

      ABV: 48.4%

      Region: La Chontal

      Cook: Steamed and roasted in a stone-lined earthen oven

      Mash: Horse-drawn tahona mill Ferment: Natural spring water and wild yeasts in Mexican Cypress vats

      Distill: Twice in copper alembic stills

      Batch: IV/2022 Production date: April, 2020


      Agua del Sol aims to make traditional mezcal accessible to local communities.  Bottling as a destilado de agave (and not "mezcal") allows producer partners to maintain traditional production methods and abide by local proofing.  Structured as a co-op, Agua del Sol supports community sustainability.


      Nose: Brown sugar and salinity; oak, cedarwood; leather

      Palate: Full mouth feel with sweet roasted agave, mesquite; green and expressive; notes of stone fruit with a bright pop of pink peppercorns on the finish

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