New Cali Wines with Garber & Co
May 7th, 2pm-5pm

Join us in tasting what the new generation of California winemakers has to offer up.  Garber & Co. curate a wonderful selection of terroir driven, minimal intervention wines from around the state.  Just in time for spring with a bright, juicy lineup.

Grain-to-Glass Whiskies with Frey Ranch
       May 14th, 2pm-5pm

Frey Ranch has been growing grain since before Nevada was a state.  Completely estate grown and malted, both their four grain bourbon and bottled-in-Bond rye have a distinctive handcrafted feel.  Not to be missed by any whiskey aficionado.  This tasting might include other surprise spirits.

Wines of Deux Punx
May 21st, 2pm-5pm

Since 2008, Deux Punx has been making minimalist style wines from a shared roll up garage located in the River East neighborhood of Napa, California.  Juicy and complex natural wines to satisfy the natty heads and those just looking for a tasty sipper.  Doing all the right things - native fermentation, minimal intervention, ambient temps - but, most importantly, making it, oh so delicious.

From Down Under With
Mr Black and Starward
May 28th, 2pm-5pm

Australia has become a hot spot for cocktails and the finessed spirits required to make them.  While a lot is being made there now, not so much is reaching our shores.  Come join us in a little tour of what does make it, from single malt whiskey to amaro and a coffee liqueur. 

Dead of Night Distillery
June 4th, 2pm-5pm

Dead of Night, distilled in the heart of LA, and originally during downtime from a day job, hence the name, uses locally sourced botanicals to create their array of gins, aquavit, and citrus vodka.  Well crafted spirits that let the full expression of the botanicals shine through.

Town Branch Bourbon
June 11th 2pm - 5pm

Come taste what Lexington's newest distillery (20 years old now!) has to offer featuring cask strength and double barrelled bourbons.

Storywood Speyside-Aged Tequila
June 18th, 2pm-5pm

Barrels are increasingly becoming a point of interest amongst tequila producers, from sherry to California Cabernet to agricole rhum.  Storywood decided to out do them all and ages their tequila in barrels that were once inhabited by Speyside single malt whiskey.  Entirely aged in scotch barrels is novel but, turns out, delicious too. 

Reyes y Cobardes Margaritas + Granja Mezcal
June 25th 2pm - 5pm

It's a big world of canned margaritas out there and Reyes y Cobardes aims to be the best.  Using 100% blue agave as a base, they make an array of thirst-quenching and tasty canned cocktails.  And we'll have a little Granja Nomada mezcal - fourth generation, female head distiller - to pair with it.